• The home of a legend; Van Lake | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    In the times of ancient Greece it was known as Thospitis Lacus, or Arsissa Lacus, which is derived from the Urartian city of Van, or ancient Chauon. Lake Van (Van Golu in Turkish) is the largest lake in Turkey and the second largest in the Middle East. It’s also the biggest sodium water lake in ...
  • 7 Things to Do in the Lovely Town “Alaçatı” | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    Alaçatı, who is frequently mentioned his name in the last period has become one of the favorite places of holidaymakers. The charming town of Aegean that smells lavender is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. A list of hundreds of article about the things to do in Alacati can be created. ...
  • It is the biggest music festival in Turkey; Rock'n Coke | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    The Rock’n Coke festival, held for the first time in 2003 at İstanbul Hezarfen Airport, is a famous event which many famous artists and groups perform. It is the biggest music festival in Turkey. This characteristic has been achieved thanks to the great interest shown by the young people. The festival lasts 3 days and ...
  • The first picture of the Church in the world; Panagia Pantobasilissa Church | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    Tirilye, an old Greek village with its every street smelling history, is 20 minutes away from the Mudanya district of Bursa. It is reached by a curvilinear path whose one side is the sea and other side is the green hills. One side is the sea, one side is the green hills, the  is reached. ...
  • About the Adana Ethnography Museum | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    The Adana Ethnography Museum, which is also known as the Old Museum, exhibits many things reflecting the cultures of Turkmen and Yörükler who live in Çukurova villages and taurus mountains . The abandoned church building built in 1845 at the Kuruköprü site in the city center was organized as a museum after 1924. While the ...
  • Seaside History: Çeşme Museum | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    One of the historical and cultural values of the Çeşme District is the Çeşme Museum. Çeşme Museum is located in the castle built in 1508 during the period of Sultan Beyazıt II . It was built by architect Mehmet the son of Ahmet with the order of Aydin Governor Mir Haydar. Çeşme Archeology Museum is ...
  • City of Prophets; Şanlıurfa | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    Şanlıurfa, known as the land of the prophets and considered as Turkey’s seventh largest city, is located in the Southeastern Anatolia Region. It is also known as Urfa with its short name colloquially. It assumed the title of “Şanlı” (glorious) in 1984 due to the memory of his people’s success in the Turkish War of ...
  • Coffee of Turks; Turkish Coffee | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    Turkish coffee is one of the indispensable values of Turkish culture. Since the Ottoman period, with its taste and smell, it is always unique. It accompanies sweet conversations and is drunk after fine meals and the most important detail of the asking for girl’s hand in marriage. The most important factor that makes Turkish coffee ...
  • Beauty in the ground : Dupnisa Cave | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    If you go to Kırklareli, you should definitely see the Dupnisa Cave. It is located 5-6 km southwest of Sarpdere Village in the town of Demirköy. The cave, where has three entrances, is located underground. Its total length is 3000 meters and its first 1000 meters are filled with water. There is also the spot ...
  • The fastest flowing river on the world: Artvin Çoruh River | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    A large part of the territory of Artvin, which houses the Çoruh river, is covered with steep mountains. The Çoruh River reaches the Black Sea by passing through these mountainous regions. The length of the Coruh in the borders of Artvin is about 150 km. 3. 225 m. rakımlı The Çoruh River, which born in ...