• Let’s See Where Should You Visit In Izmir | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    – THE FİNEST CİTY OF TURKEY – Şirince Village Envisaged that Şirince Village was a settlement at East Roman Empire, and there are still some historical ruins in the village. Researchers think that tower, aqueducts and abbey/church ruins have been existent since 11. Century.  Ephesus Ruins Vedius Gymnasium: The construction was build for Vedius Antonius ...
  • 7 Things to Do in the Lovely Town “Alaçatı” | Being a Tourist in Turkey

    Alaçatı, who is frequently mentioned his name in the last period has become one of the favorite places of holidaymakers. The charming town of Aegean that smells lavender is now one of the most popular holiday destinations in Turkey. A list of hundreds of article about the things to do in Alacati can be created. ...